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A SANE approach to Justice

College aged students are the  most vulnerable group of people to experience violent sex crimes. Women are 3x more likely to be assaulted when being in college and men are 5x more likely to be assaulted when attending college. With this being said, students are not likely to report this crime and achieve justice. This is partially due to not knowing what resources are available to them on Campus. 

We propose introducing Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE nurses) on federally funded campuses to provide support and aid to those who experience this injustice. SANE nurses can provide a safe rape exam and collect evidence for student survivors. Having a SANE nurse on campus can also promote visibility to the resources that are available to students. 

80% of the college campus with the least sexual violence has a SANE nurse on campus and 0% of the college campus with the highest sexual violence rates have a SANE nurse available. 

College students are the future of society and it is important to support our students when they are most vulnerable. 

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