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TVG Op-Ed Submissions

Submission Guidelines

The Vannevar Group is seeking op-ed submissions analyzing bills relevant to science and technology policy. We have provided a list of bills below that fit TVG’s values and interests. Op-Ed submissions for science or technology topics with unlisted relevant bills are still allowed. 


We value diverse opinions and our opinions section is meant to be a forum to practice effective scientific communication. Submissions must strive to be non-partisan and adhere to the mission and values of TVG. 


Questions to consider when writing:


  • Do you support the bill or not support the bill?

  • If you don’t support the bill, is there anything that would potentially make it better?

  • Does this bill go far enough?

  • Will it actually fix the problem (define the problem)?

  • Is this the best allocation of resources to fix the problem?


Formatting guidelines are as follows: 


  • Title of Choice

  • 350-450 Words

  • Anonymous or credited with a brief headliner (Ex. Public Policy Masters student at Georgetown University studying Amtrak)

  • References Chicago Style 

Submit an Op-Ed 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Thanks for submitting!
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