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Vannevar Bush's

5 Points 

Vannevar Bush was an American inventor, key figure in American science policy who shaped science’s identity in the post-WWII era, and wartime director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development. Vannevar Bush wrote The Endless Frontier as a response to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, asserting to the President the importance of government-funded science, beyond war-time funding. Bush emphasizes its importance to society and what it means for the progress and development of countries. The Endless Frontier lays out five major arguments in favor of a comprehensive, government-funded science enterprise. Although his points are valid and still applicable today, these assertions were written with a goal of American supremacy in science, a view not shared by The Vannevar Group. We believe the US should strive for scientific leadership rather than supremacy. Bush’s interpretation of science doesn’t necessarily give science the credit it deserves for its applicability to every aspect of modern life. However, its framework is rooted in evidence-based thinking; this perspective can be broadly applied to reach solutions for a variety of policy issues.   







Science is Innovation
Science is Protection
Science is Collaboration
Science is Preservation
Science leadership is American Leadership


“There must be a stream of new scientific knowledge to turn the wheels of private and public enterprise. There must be plenty of men and women trained in science and technology for upon them depend both the creation of new knowledge and its application to practical purposes.”
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