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Spring 2023 Agenda

Our policy teams are working on a variety of science policy topics that have very little to know awareness. As advocates of The Vannevar Group, our biggest goal is to not only provide awareness to the public and stakeholders, but to provide tangible solutions on the best way to solve these issues. Below you can take a look on what is currently being worked on.

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Cobalt Mining on the Moon

The mining of cobalt has been a consistent threat and violation to the environment and human rights. Being proposed is finding other alternative routes in sourcing cobalt, such as the moon.


MTMs for Veterans

Veterans are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, as a solution medically tailored meals will provide nutritional meals tailored to the veterans specific need.

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Organ Trafficking

Human Trafficking for the Purpose of Organ Removal is an extremely lucrative illicit business that is rarely reported and researched. For this reason, advocacy to get to get organ trafficking defined as human trafficking is the next step.


A Sane Approach to Justice

College students are vulnerable to sexually violent crimes. There is a call to support and provide aid to student surviors of sexual assault. 

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing industries that has a number of growing concerns when it comes to false scientific data. The solution posed is proper regulation of this growing industry.

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