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Science and Technology  Policy Advocates

The Vannevar Group

We advocate for good faith science policies that make scientific information and services accessible, improve transparency between scientists and the public, and create lasting change

Our Services

Our Values 


Promoting openness and honesty in the advancement of innovative American science.

Information Accessibility

We distill scientific information into understandable language that empowers policymakers, scientists, and the general public to make informed decisions.


We promote sustainable policies that support and benefit the public interest. 

Scientific Rigor

We advance policy recommendations based on sound scientific approaches and the best available data. 


We cover an expansive range of issues and bring together diverse perspectives. 

Mission Statement

The Vannevar Group advocates for implementing good-faith science policy solutions that work towards accessibility for all, transparency between scientists and the public, and creates positive changes for the public good.

Check out our Agenda!

Ready to find out more?

Click below to read about the Spring '24 cohort's policy agenda. We are championing ideas regarding health, justice, technology and ethics. 

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